USC vs LMU recap

The Trojans had their first race of the season this past weekend hosted by LMU at Ballona Creek. The Trojans raced two Novice 8’s and two Varsity 4’s against the Lions on their home course. It seems LMU encountered similiar difficulties as USC with recruiting this year, resulting in a novice squad of only 6 rowers. While their coach graciously offered to scratch the novice 8 event and simply race a novice 4, both USC and LMU’s coaching staff felt it was more important to see all rowers race. This resulted in LMU’s novice 8 rowing with 2 varsity rowers who would then double up in the 2nd Varsity 4 race after an extended break in the schedule. It was great to see both teams work together to get so many boats on the water.

In the first race of the day we had our two novice 8’s race against LMU’s novice 8. Our Second Novice 8 did a fantastic job in their first race of the season considering their entire boat joined the squad this season and two of them joined just two weeks before the race!
Lineup: Cox: Ian Beck, Stroke: Vincent Yang, Justin Shida Zhang, Michael Cowan, Leo Zhao, Taylor Jolin, Eric Matranga, Alex Millan, Bow: Roman Bekker.
The 2N8 posted a 6:55.

Our Top Novice 8 had a duo of mishaps during their race. They started their race very solidly going head to head with LMU’s novice squad. After settling to a nice, low 30-32 race pace, they began to steadily take seats. Once they had a length lead, one of the oar’s popped out of its oarlock and the boat struggled by 6’s to fend off the squad from LMU while they put their oar back in. They were finally able to get the oar back in and start battling back from open water down. After pulling four seats back into LMU, our stroke seat’s rigger snapped clean off at the base making him unable to pull at maximum strength. From there, LMU was able to continue pulling away to win the race by a few lengths of open water. A strong fight from our Novice A boat when so many things went wrong!
Lineup: Cox: Isabelle Wuilloud, Stroke: Carter Crowe, Erick Sanabria, Brandon Kisch, Blake Dethlefssen, Ryan Delijani, Felipe Saltz, Martin Seifrid, Bow: Clinton Suh.
The N8 posted a 6:20.

Next up came the Varstiy four. This was another great start from the Trojans. They held and moved up on the LMU varsity oarsmen in their starting sequence and settled into a nice low 30-32 stroke rate. Here we had another equipment failure with our mic going out and the oarsmen heard nothing from their coxswain for the rest of the race. They stayed at their long and strong 30-32 stroke rate and LMU chipped away at them time and again with ten and five stroke moves to take the lead. Without a coxswain, the rowers had no indication of when to sprint or take moves. LMU took the lead and finished about two lengths ahead.
Lineup: Cox: Megan Pursel, Stroke: Dan Slutsky, Sam Bush-Joseph, Dan Morison, Bow: Alec Wiggin
The Varsity four posted a 6:43.

Last was the second varsity four. This boat was comprised of 3 novices and one more varsity oarsmen. The boat stroked by novice Yoshua (only 3 weeks into rowing) got off the line quick and held the lead for the first thousand meters and again held LMU even until the last 500 meters. It was there that the lack of time rowing from our novices gave out to the experienced Varsity oarsmen from the LMU second varsity four.
Lineup: Cox: Mighten Yip, Stroke: Yoshua Lo, Brandon Chang, Zach Kobos, Bow: Robin Cho
The 2V4 posted a 6:53

USC will race UCI on Saturday, March 17 after Spring Break Training. Come out at and support the Trojans. Race times are TBD. Keep checking the website for updates.