Rent A Rower

rent-a-rowerQ: What is Rent-A-Rower?
A: Rent-A-Rower is a program that allows student athletes to raise money to cover the traveling cost for the Pac-10 Championship Regatta in Sacramento, the National Championship in Oklahoma, and the Henley Royal Regatta in England.

Q: Who can Rent a Rower?
A: Anyone in USC Family can rent a rower. We ask that customers outside of the USC campus area, please take gas, and travel time into consideration.

Q: What jobs can rowers do?
A: These jobs are suggestions but the rowers are not limited to just these: Yard Work, Raking, Planting, Cleaning Gutters, Mowing, Painting, Tutoring, Baby-sitting, Moving, Assembly, etc. All we ask is that you do not jeopardize their health and safety .

Q: How much does it cost?
A: We charge $15 per hour per rower. Checks can be made payable to “USC Men’s Crew”. Cash or checks are due upon completion of the task and additional donations are welcomed. All donations are tax deductible.

Q: For larger projects, which weekends a multiple rowers totally available?
A: We do not have races on Feb 20-21, Feb 27-28, April 17-18, and we encourage you to book these dates for larger projects.

Q: How do I Rent a Rower?
A: Rowers are available on most Sundays and on some Mondays and Wednesdays during the Spring Semester.   To schedule a time, date, and lock in a group of rowers, email with the following:

– Type of Activity

– Number Rowers/ Hours needed

– Preferred Date and Time

– Contact info including address

For additional comments, questions, or for larger donations, please email

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