Boat Refurbishment


This year the team aims to refurbish our fleet of boats.  Years of direct exposure to sunlight has severely damaged many of the hull’s and components of the boats. They are in need of some serious refurbishment.  By fully refurbishing our boats we are ensuring another decade of use and ensure that our oarsman can train and compete in top notch shells.

Last summer the team was able to install a new, taller tent to house our shells and equipment and in doing so we will be able to properly protect our investments from the environment. Because we do not have he room to make our repairs on site, we plan to send our boats back to the manufacturer to have each professionally refurbished.

We aim to achieve Resolute’s Gold program for our three Resolute 8’s and two Resolute 4’s.  We are also submitting a grant request to refurbish a Resolute 8, the “Jack Schumacher”, replacing it’s riggers, seats, and resealing the inside carbon fiber and kevlar with epoxy resin.

The cost of the refurbishment for all seven boats is $60,000.  Just before fall classes began, we sent out a challenge to our alumni and friends to raise the final $50,000 needed to put our boys back on the water in boats worthy of being rowed to war by Trojans!

For more information and the details of Resolute’s programs download their Program packet below.

Resolute Refurbishment Programs