Sprint to the Banquet – Day #1


Here is a re-broadcast of an e-mail that should be reaching all of your inboxes by this evening:

Good afternoon Trojan Friends and Family,

Thanks so much for all of your support this year, especially to those who have very generously contributed to the Founder’s Fund. We have raised over $145,000 so far this year in total giving, despite the economic climate, and we are not done yet! Our fiscal year closes June 30 and we will have more updates as we go along.

To those who haven’t had the chance to give yet, here’s an opportunity!

We have  are happy to announce a challenge proposed by one of our Board Members who has agreed to put up a $5,000 matching contribution on behalf of his new company, ZipZap, to kick off the First Annual “Sprint to the Banquet” … We have one week to match it, or lose it!

So, picture it, we are at the 500 meter line with 1,500 to go in our sprint … Every stroke counts, and it is SC v. Cal and they are up by one seat …

One stroke = $100 and we need 150 of them to get to the finish line!

How many strokes can we count on from you????? Can you give us a Power 10?? (10 strokes for $1,000)

We will send out daily updates every day between now and the Banquet announcing the contributors and the status of our race.

If you are interested, please send an e-mail to danielaj@usc.edu and we’ll contact you directly for payment information (credit cards accepted).

Today’s update is courtesy of Chris Wilkinson ’02, proudly the first USC Men’s Rowing Alumni from the 21st Century!

We hope to hear from you to help us make our final fundraising effort for the year a success! Thanks to the folks at ZipZap for helping us kick this off.

We’ll see you at the Banquet on May 14.

Fight on,

Chris Wilkinson ’02

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