Spring Break Training Trip

The team recently completed a week long training trip in Newport Beach, CA where they logged two to three 2.5 hour practices a day, rowing upwards of 40,000 meters a day! The trip was a really good refresher for a lot of our guys and gave us the necessary technical practice to bring our entire new novice 8 of rowers up to speed for training.

Our Varsity and Novices spent their mornings in small boats either logging 20,000 meters of rowing or mixing it up with time on a “dock box” (a rowing seat and rigger attached to a dock for technical practice)at the Orange Coast College Boathouse docks. This allowed coach Long-Lerno to really get in and analyze the individual problems and address them hands-on. By the end of the week our second novice boat was able to row all 8 continuously without any problems.

The athletes were then able to go and enjoy a brief break and lunch before returning to the Newport Aquatic Center to get in the 8’s and 4’s for another long practice putting together all of the technical changes they made and learned to row with the rest of their boat. During this time they pushed themselves all the way around lido isle, out to the open ocean and then back home to the NAC logging between 15,000 and 20,000 more meters.

Needless to say, by the end of the week our guys were beyond exhaustion. We capped off the trip with UCI, who seems to be this year’s top Southern California club team, in a race coach Long-Lerno dubbed a “let’s see how tough you can be” race. Because of the size of our varsity squad, we only raced the novice 8’s in a morning that can only be described as horrendous compared to our almost tranquil waters of San Pedro. The races got off and our second novice boat, comprised of athletes who had only been rowing between one week and 1.5 months, went up against UCI’s relatively veteran squad. They fared extremely well until a crab in the second 500 caused a break in their momentum that UCI capitalized on and was able to pull away with winning the race. Next up, our Novice A squad came down the course and both teams were moving blisteringly fast. Through their second 500 USC was on pace for a 5:40. Unfortunately, exhaustion from the week got the better of them after their move at a 1000 meters in and UCI pulled away to win the race.

The trip got our guys motivated and ready to train through the rest of our Spring for a peak at the National Championships in Georgia. Make sure you come out as much as you can!