San Diego Crew Classic

Launching the Jack SchumacherThe San Diego Crew Classic came, went, and left the USC Men’s Crew with a clear understanding of what it will take to get a top ranking at ACRA National Championships in late May. With typically over 5,000 spectators and 3,000 competitors, it was a beautiful weekend for a regatta in Mission Bay, CA. The Varsity Eight (cox: Myles Gutenkunst, stroke: Trent Oliver, Harrison Taylor, Kellen Proctor, Ryan Hasvold, Collin Evans, Buck Scalese, Steven Kent, bow: Jeff Nelson) drew the middle lane for the first race of the day, the Cal Cup at 7:30am on Saturday against an unknown Trinity boat in lane one, LMU in lane two, a fast Notre Dame in lane four, and UCLA in lane five. What turned out to be the fastest heat of the morning had Notre Dame and Trinity advancing to the Grand Finals, with LMU and USC to race in the Petite Final. UCLA finished 11.1 seconds behind the USC Varsity and did not advance to a second race.

Sunday’s Varsity Cal Cup Petite Final was considered the “race of the day” by all who attended the Crew Classic this year. Going into the race, all 6 crews had heat times within 3 seconds of each other. The USC Men’s Crew drew lane 4 and lined up with Santa Clara, Drexel, Georgia Tech, UCIrvine, and LMU. The entire race had all 6 lanes within inches of each other until the last 400 meters when Santa Clara jumped in front and won the Final by one second over the GT crew   and 4 seconds over our Varsity 8.   It was a great race by all crews, and an especially landmark race for USC. Finishing with a time of 6:18.8 marks a new boat speed precedent at USC and puts the Varsity 8 within striking distance of the Club National Championship!

The Novice squad (cox: Salina Grilli, stroke: Michael Lin-Brande, Michael Hintlian, Melvin Ardijanto, Noel Warner, Jon Sun, Zak Kobos, Scott Spongberg, bow: Dan Slutsky) lined up at 9:30am Saturday in the Derek Guelker Memorial Cup against Orange Coast College, UCDavis, Sac State, and Santa Clara. While the Novice oarsmen were beat out of a Petite Final race by ¼ of a second by Santa Clara, they showed a greatly improved margin against Santa Clara and UCDavis, who they raced against three weeks prior. The Novice oarsmen have put in a lot of time and dedication in the weeks leading up to Crew Classic, and they managed to gain a collective boat speed of 20 seconds on the fast Novice crew at UCDavis.

Thank you to the San Diego USC Trojan Club, all Trojans, and all friends of the USC Men’s Crew who came out to support and cheer on the oarsmen. Full race results can be found at

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