The USC Men’s Crew is dedicated to providing the students of the University of Southern California an opportunity to compete in the sport of rowing.

Collegiate rowing attracts very driven people, and our athletes drive can be seen on the water as well as in the classroom; the Men’s Crew boasts a 3.6 GPA. Rowers structure their time for training, meetings, traveling, and social events, encouraging growth and maturation in the context of structure, accountability, and a demand for excellence

The USC Men’s Crew competes in the PAC-12 Conference (the most successful rowing conference in the country over the last 10 years) and against local Southern California colleges and universities. As a member of the American Collegiate Rowing Association, USC competes for the Club National Championship. Oarsmen from USC race against the very best in the country and strive for victory.

But the chance to compete on the water is a very small part of the entire student experience on the crew.  Athletes are represented on The Crew Board and are charged with many of the operational aspects of the program.  From setting budgets, to marketing, networking, and forecasting, the Crew teaches students how to work in a business setting. Oarsmen on the Crew develop a broader sense of ownership than their counterparts around the country, because their success is largely predicated on their personal investment.

The coaching staff has a long-term vision for this program, a desire to work with the students and provide the best possible student and athlete experience. We care about each and every one of the athletes and we hope to meet you all through the course of your child’s rowing experience at USC.  We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our program and how you can be involved.

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