Newport Autumn Rowing Festival

The Trojan’s competed in their first official race of the season this past weekend at Newport Beach’s Aquatic Center.  The Trojan Novice squad had an impressive finish coming in 5th behind only Cal and OCC’s Top Boats.  Way to start the year Gentlemen!  The varsity competed with a former rower David Lowenstein so as to fill out their Eight for the event and raced extremely well.  Afterward our Varsity Oarsmen hopped straight into a four and went right back to the starting line where they encountered the torrential downpour that created rowing conditions worse than they ever get to see at our wonderful protected San Pedro.  To top it off they had their “waterproof” cox-box die from getting too wet and had to race with no rate, and no coxswain!  They still did their best and raced with Trojan pride.

After the racing ended we led our alumni across the bay to Park Newport to feast on burgers, hot dogs, potato salad and the likes overlooking the bay and watching the last of the events attendees pull out their trailers for the drive home.  All in all, a successful first day of racing despite the conditions and a great way to reinvigorate our athletes for the rest of the fall.