New Website

Thank you for visiting the updated website for the USC Men’s Crew

Take a moment and take a look through the updated website, read through our latest posts, and enter your information into our Parent or Alumni Contact forms.  The Crew hopes the updated site will be a great place for athletes, parents, alumni, recruits, and friends to learn about crew news and events.  We hope it will serve as a great asset to the team and especially its supporters. Check back frequently to see our most up to date site content.  Please be patient as we continue to archive older photos and older news items.

We would also like to invite you to be a part of the website experience, by registering with the website (by pressing the ‘Register’ button on the left hand sidebar). This will allow you to gain access to website dashboard, and will provide the Men’s Crew with a great opportunity to ask for your own news or editorial submissions to the website.

The USC Men’s Crew would like to provide our supporters with the best possible information about the crew throughout the season, so if you have ideas or would like the Crew to provide particular stories about the crew (ex. Athlete Profiles, Alumni Race Stories) please feel free to make your suggestions.