New Athletes Make the Cut: Welcome to the USC Men's Crew!

Sept. 19th in the Port of LA

Sept. 19th in the Port of LA

Congratulations to the new recruits and welcome back to the Varsity Oarsman!   Early this fall semester, the returning Varsity squad and Coaching Staff put a great deal of effort into recruiting a top-notch group of potential rowers for the 2009-2010 season.   A total of 45+ potential student-athletes came out to compete for a spot on the squad.   After two cycles of try-outs and cuts, consisting of ergometer work, timed Giffith Park runs, and technical work on the water, we have narrowed down our Novice squad to 23 individuals! A number of our new Oarsmen come with previous rowing experience, others with talented endurance athletic backgrounds, and all with a new-found competitive edge, dedication, and appreciation for rowing. For their demonstration of power, poise, and pride throughout the tryout process, I’d like to extend my sincerest congratulations to the following new oarsmen and coxswains:
Alex Beller, Jonathan Sun, Cam Trodello, Luke Griffin,Carson Vogt, Melody Kim (coxswain), Chris Robinson,   Michael Hintlain, Chris Sullivan, Michael Lin-Brande, Dan Doran, Michael Hill, Danny Lessler, Quentin Smith, Daniel Slutsky, Salina Grilli (coxswain), Eddie Laurence, Scott Spongberg, GianCarlo Aquilar, Steve Shanahan, Graham Harris, Zak Kobos and Harry Barsegyan (coxswain).

Some of these athletes are quickly jumping into our JV boats and are competing for some of our top seats.   The entire coaching staff looks forward to the upcoming year and are impressed with the potential at hand.

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