Gruenberg Cup Recap

Gruenberg Cup

Varsity 8

In an unusual race schedule the Varsity 8 was the first boat to race.  The team got off to a great start leading from the beginning and by their settle strokes had a full length. By 500 meters in the Trojans had open water and continued to push their lead to greater and greater margins.  At the finish line the Varsity had gained a margin of 17 seconds over the next closest San Diego State Aztecs and even greater margin over Cal State Long Beach.  We are very proud of our efforts today and are excited to build into the rest of the season.

Second Novice 8

In the second race of the day our second novice eight got their feet wet for the first time as racers.  Six out of the eight oarsmen in this boat only just recently joined the team and have only been rowing since mid-January or later.  Unfortunately this inexperience showed as they lost by open water (no overlap between boats) We are very proud of how far they’ve come in such a short period of time and are excited to see how they close the gap as their experience differences close on their opponents.

JV 8

The third race of the day featured a composite of 5 Varsity oarsmen and 3 novice oarsmen to fill out a JV 8.  Having only rowed together for less than a week the Trojans showed a tremendous effort against the Aztecs.  At the start they were down four seats and continued battling and holding the Aztecs at bay.   Coxswain Vanessa Pursel fought against a wild steering opponent and made a huge push coming past the boathouse to make up the gap.  Unfortunately the effort expended earlier in the race was too much to overcome and the Aztecs held their length through the finish.  We are excited to see what two more weeks of practice together will do for this boat when we see the Aztecs again in Arizona!

Novice 8

In the final, and most exciting, race of the day  the novice 8’s went head to head.  Off the start USC fell to the Aztecs and both moved away from Cal State Long Beach.  The Aztecs continued pushing their lead until they had open water at the 1000.  But as the Trojans approached the boathouse they made their push back into the Aztecs to hold strong late into the race.  By 500 to go the Trojans had pulled level and began pushing ahead.  They continued all the way to the finish and took home the win by a seat of open water!

Well fought Trojans!

Huge thanks goes out to the alumni, family and friends who showed up and supported us on the first race of the year.