Final strokes of the SPRINT to the Banquet Day 6

Greetings USC Men’s Crew Supporters!

Our ‘SPRINT to the May 14th Banquet’ capital campaign has been an exciting race. We set a goal of matching a $5,000 donation from ZipZap Inc., and have raised $6,380 over the course of our week email campaign (each stroke is worth $100).

This puts the Trojans in a position to win the race and break into open water inside the last 500 meters!
Let’s not settle for a close win. Help the Men’s Crew continue to walk away from the Golden Bears with your contribution. Join the Crew, take the rate up as we SPRINT TO THE BANQUET. Let’s bring the Trojans a finishing flourish and collect victory for USC by trying to reach $15,000!

This past weekend the ‘SPRINT’ to the banquet campaign was aided by a series of very generous gifts taking the crew through the hardest part of the race and into the final sprint.

Incredible contributions from:

Rosermary Evans   – $100
Charles Lande – $500
Chris and Lisa Hasvold – $500
James Hoffman – $2500
Coach Danny Johnson – $480

…have pushed the Trojans out to a solid half length lead as we approach the banquet finish line, this Thursday.

We’re looking for the last 36 strokes, three POWER TENS! Help the Crew finish the SPRINT.

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