Fall Season Recap

USC Men’s Crew is in the midst of a great transition. We are working to bring new purpose and direction for the Trojan Navy. Former Head Coach Gene Kininmonth established some great relationships within the Trojan Family and channeled the gracious aid of oarsmen, alumni, parents and friends to create an accessible rowing program at USC.


As I reflect after a full semester, it is clear that the program must undergo serious reconstruction and re-prioritization to succeed. However, the most important goal this year is to unite our Program under a common goal: to become the premier club rowing program in the country. It is now the responsibility of the Trojan Family, together with the Coaching Staff, to take the momentum generated over the past years and steer the team towards its next great pursuit.

To be successful, the coaching staff and the Board have established new systems that allow constant and honest communication with our friends, parents, and alumni. During the last board meeting we established specialized committees to assess and report on issues concerning the Crew such as equipment, communications, fundraising, and facilities. These committees will provide the Program with structure and accountability as we strive for success.

This program has the potential to become the premier collegiate rowing club in the nation, but we must honestly assess our current state. For the team to survive and succeed the men must have the equipment needed to practice effectively and race competitively. The coaches need to have the confidence that they can train the crew safely and properly. The Crew Board will work to tackle these issues and reach out to our reorganized support groups.

Transitioning to a new system and refining the Program’s culture takes a great effort from all members of the Trojan Navy. I have been thoroughly impressed by the level of commitment demonstrated by the rowers and alumni, who are proud to represent USC. For the Trojan Navy to succeed – realizing our potential as the premier club program in the country – we need your support, faith, and positive morale as we all work to drive this program forward.

Danny Johnson
Head Coach

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