Fall Results Rundown

The USC Men’s Crew began its Fall Campaign with a fresh start on their mind. With the addition of two new coaches and an unknown number of returning student athletes, this year’s crew has surprised at every turn.


Since late August, this year’s crew has accomplished a lot; trained well, brought in a great group of Novices, and found true leadership from the Varsity squad. The upperclassmen in particular have done an exceptional job leading the crew, showing urgency in their actions and commitment in each training session. They have rallied around a true love of rowing and a yearning to compete.

The coaching staff’s steady and methodical development plan, started the Crew much slower than in previous years, hoping to capitalize on more robust Spring fitness. That meant the Crew approached the Fall racing, more as training efforts, learning and testing their growing physical capacity.


Racing through drizzly weather, the Crew’s results at Newport Autumn Rowing Festival (NARF) represented this deliberate early season training with the Varsity 8+ finishing 20th and middle of the pack; Cox: Drew Moxon, Stroke: Lee MacAulliffe, 7: Taylor Coats, 6: Kellen Proctor, 5: Russ Neldam, 4: Colin Evans, 3: Kevin Stanek, 2: Trent Oliver, Bow: Buck Scalese.

The Novice 8+ had an equally middle of the pack finish at NARF, finishing 11th; Cox: Myles Gutenkunst, Stroke: Austin Delana, 7: Levi Kinnard, 6: Chris Fisher, 5: Shawn Wendorf, 4: Parin Patel, 3: Jeff Nelson, 2: Jon Truong, Bow: Pedro Ramirez.

The Crew also boated two fours, finishing 20 and 25th. Those boats rowed by Cox: Chelsea Engelkamp, 4: Lee MacAulliffe, 3: Taylor Coats, 2: Peter Materrese, Bow: Chris Mora, and Cox: Ben Toribio, 4: Sean Safahi, 3: Will Shiney, 2: Andrew Dutton, Bow: Daniel DeLaTorre respectively.


The South Bay universities saw the return of The Head of the Harbor this year. In an attempt to renew a bygone race and bring together UCLA, LMU, and USC from some quality Fall racing, the Men’s Crew hosted the first Head of the Harbor in years.

With a lot of experience gained from NARF, and a great block of training prior to the Head of the Harbor, the Crew came into the race ready to take another positive step in speed and race confidence.

Races were hampered by some tanker and tug traffic but ultimately, the racing was successful, safe and as fair as possible.

Showing the improving speed and some strong race presence, USC Men’s Crew can be proud of the groundwork they had laid, finishing second in both the Varsity and Novice 8+. Taking big chunks of time from their rivals when compared with NARF finishing times, the Crew was gaining speed at a much faster rate then the Bruins and Lions.

The Varsity 8+ was boated as, Cox: Chelsea Engelkamp, Stroke: Lee MacAulliffe, 7: Taylor Coats, 6: Kellen Proctor, 5: Chris Mora, 4: Colin Evans, 3: Russ Neldam, 2: Trent Oliver, Bow: Kevin Stanek.

The Novice 8+ was boated, Cox: Myles Gutenkunst, Stroke: Pedro Ramirez, 7: Austin Delana, 6: Levi Kinnard, 5: Chris Fisher, 4: Shaun Wendorf, 3: Parin Patel, 2: Jeff Nelson, Bow: Sean Safahi.

With a positive trajectory set during fall training, USC Men’s Crew is proud and excited to represent the University, Alumni, and Parents with their race performance.

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