End of the Year Banquet Celebrates Athletes and Supporters

Hello All USC Men’s Crew Supporters,

The USC Men’s Crew 2009 End of the Year Banquet was a grand ceremony. A wonderful chance for the Men’s Crew parents, alumni, friends, and athletes to celebrate and thank the students and supporters who have given their time, energy, and many gifts. The evening was hosted at the Ports-o-Call Restaurant, and saw a great celebration with the help of the world renowned USC Marching Band!

A special thank you also goes out to Sue Cook and Mike Cook. Sue did a wonderful job organizing the banquet and putting together the beautiful centerpieces. Mike was a great MC for the evening, and kept everyone laughing and on their guard. Thank you both very much.

The SPRINT to the Banquet was an outstanding campaign, raising $15,000 for the USC Men’s Crew! Thank you to all who gave.

The Banquet’s Major awards were bestowed on Four Year student-athletes Kevin Stanek, Lee McAuliffe, Taylor Coats, and Jon Brown; who were honored with a commemorative oar-blade for their incredible commitment and sacrifice for the Men’s Crew and the University of Southern California.

Special Awards were also bestowed on a number of oarsmen for exception service, leadership, and performance:

  • The Stan Mullin Most Dedicated Oarsman – Senior, Kevin Stanek. Mr. Stanek exemplifies the ideals of a USC Men’s Crew Oarsman. His diligence as this years Captain, coupled with   a persistent training regiment, and demand for success showed incredible leadership, and a model for all athletes to follow.
  • The Hammer Award – Junior Kellen Proctor. Mr. Proctor was awarded the Hammer Award to recognize his incredible performance and leadership. Kellen lead the crew with incredible improvements and performances on the ergometer and on the water. His desire to push himself to maximum physical performance lead to his being awarded the new ‘Hammer’ award.
  • The Academic Award – Senior Kevin Stanek. Mr. Stanek received the award as the upperclassman with the highest cumulative GPA. Kevin lead the Crew as with a 3.87 GPA; an incredible accomplishment for any athlete, particularly with all the added responsibility of being the Captain of the Crew.

The Crew also recognized the incoming 2009-2010 student leadership:

  • Captain – Junior Ryan Hasvold. Mr. Hasvold has rowed for the crew for three years, showing an incredible work ethic and lead by example, attending a U23 National Team Identification Camp earlier this year.
  • Vice Captain – Junior Myles Guntenkunst. Mr. Guntenkunst is a transfer student who coxed the Novice Squad this spring. Myles has made a distinct impression on the crew with his seasoned race experience as a National Champion sailor and his quick grasp the sport of rowing.
  • Treasurer – Sophomore Kellen Proctor. Mr. Proctor excelled in his role as treasurer this past year, and the Crew found his accounting and fiscal management indispensable; electing Kellen to manage the Crew’s finances again next year.

In addition to the honoring of the Crew’s student-athletes, the Crew and its supporters gave a special presentation to outgoing USC Men’s Crew Board Chairman Jack Schumacher. After years of dedicated service as Chairman of the Board, Jack was praised for his selfless giving, Board organization, and his earnest desire for success of the Men’s Crew. His support and leadership as Chairman drove the crew forward to provide incredible student athlete experiences for the men of the Trojan Navy. All athletes, parents, and coaches are dearly in his dept. Jack will be missed at the board meetings, but he has vowed to stay involved, and continue to show his support for the grateful student-athletes of USC.

Thank you for all of your wonderful support Jack and to all the members of the Trojan Navy, family and friends… Fight On!

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