I have been coaching college rowing for over 30 years, first on the East Coast in Washington, DC and then here in Southern California at Long Beach St., Orange Coast College, and Chapman University. I have coached at club programs, at the Div 3 varsity level, and at the Div 1 varsity level.


I have been at USC for about a month now. I love it here! I am really looking forward to see what the future holds for men’s rowing at USC. I am impressed by our team’s technical improvement and their work ethic. I have met with some of the key alumni and plan to meet as many as I can in the next few months. Their interest and help combined with our team’s improvement and enthusiasm will be a huge step in making us competitive in the area and at the Western Intercollegiate Rowing Association Regatta in the spring.


USC has the potential to be among the very best club programs in the country. We have much of what we need to be an extremely competitive team. We have good equipment, good water not too far away to row on, and lots of interest among high school rowers about admission to USC and rowing for us. I am doing my very best to continue to cultivate that interest.


Many of our guys are quite talented athletes, but like any team we need more. More guys make practices ultra competitive, because the harder you compete against teammates, the harder you’ll be able to go against others. Everybody is working for seats in the top boats. More competition inside our boathouse makes competition outside the boathouse much easier. We need to re-attract the talent that had left the team before I arrived, and make it clear that our team is a place where good athletes are made better and hard work and teamwork are our hallmarks.


Fight On!!

Paul Wilkins

Men’s Crew Coach