Charging through the 1000M on the SPRINT Day 3

Hello All,

The SPRINT to the banquet continues with another great contribution from Jack Schumacher of $1000.

For today’s update Mike Cook wanted to pass along a motivational allegory:

Stroke, Mike Cook, heard a groan from the entire Cal boat as their bow caught a crab. Wanting to take advantage of this rookie mistake, Mike told the coxswain to let everyone know he is taking the stroke rate up over the next 4 strokes. Mike’s 4 strokes pushes USC ahead at a critical time in the race to put USC up by a seat.
Now Mike is looking for fellow oarsmen from 1975 – 1978 to join in the effort and help pull the crew to victory.

Eric Lemke                                   Clyde Kineko                         Bill Gottschalk                         Michael Johnson
Dwayne Bates                           John Kirk                                     Bob Haas                                             Chris Hall
Mazin Hakouz                         John Pollack                           Charles Talbert                       Dan Stanton
Lou Sclafani                                 Ross Katz                                       Tom Johovic                               Tom Kiskadden
David Marx                                   Jan DeWerd                             Mike Cummins                       Jim McNally
Bruce Wetts                                 Todd Shaphren                   Joe Lyons                                         Stan Mullin
Mark Spears                               Mike Cayson                             Tom Stanton                               Dave Wade
Bruce Burroughs               Bob Hicks                                       Scott Burnett                             Brian Guggisberg
Dan Gettinger                         Dan Wells                                       Chris Crockett                         Chris Amyes

Coxswains:                                     Keith Ogata                                   Edith Chow                                   Mark Blaine

He is also looking to the Freshman crew he once coached to many victories in 1979-80. Tom Tonelli (cox), Eric Noll, Brooke Heath, Mark Garvin, Richard Wanderer, George the Greek,   and others. If you have the contact information for any of these former oarsmen, please get them involved in our SPRINT to the banquet.

Help us get to the finish. You can do it!


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