USC Men’s Club Crew Board

The USC Men’s Club Crew Board raises all funding for the team (excepting rowers dues) and directs all of the “non-coaching” activities for club.  It is comprised primarily of USC Men’s Club Crew alumni (from every decade since the team’s inception in 1948, when Julian Wolf convince Bob Hillen to leave his role coaching the UCLA Men’s Rowing) with one or two parents of current student-athletes and select members that know and love the sport which can provide the board with needed expertise.  The link below, “Alumni Board Members”, lists  our members, their businesses and contact information along with a picture of  twelve of the nineteen members.

Our goals fall into four broad categories:

* Social connection among alumni, friends and supporters, including alumni events, a mentoring program for our athletes and an awareness initiative whereby we introduce the sport of rowing to supporters outside of the immediate “rowing circle.”

* Preservation of the memory of past crews (from 1948 on) and honoring the oarsmen and coxswains that have made USC Men’s Club Crew great.

* Fundraising – The club only receives $6,000/year from USC towards an annual budget of over $130,000. Raising financial support is the primary purpose for the board. Funds are needed for the head and assistant coaching salaries, repairs to the shells, oars, ergs, launches and boathouse, the expense of a 45-passenger bus (that transports the team to practice), travel expense for “away” races, etc. The budget, current financial status, are all available on request.

* Special Projects – Boathouse renovation, athlete scholarships, oarsman / coxswain mentoring for summer internships and post-graduate job coaching / introductions and visiting rower programs are some of the special projects implemented by the board of directors.

For more details on the USC Men’s Club Crew Alumni Board please contact Stan Mullin at or (949)422-0864 (cell)


With hundreds of new USC Men’s Club Crew alumni since the program’s re-birth in 2000, we felt it is important to organize our recent graduates into a distinctive sub-category within the larger crew board with its own organization and structure.

If you are a recent alum, we would love to hear from you. Nic Babikian will be chairing the Young Alumni Board. Please contact him at to express your interest in being part of this new and exciting part of  the USC Men’s Club Crew Board.


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