2009 PAC-10 Challenge

Whew! A-whirlwind-weekend. The PAC-10 Challenge has come and gone, leaving the USC Men’s crew with some experience, a demand for improvement, and a very positive outlook on the future.

The USC Men’s Crew had some very tough races this past weekend, taking on the very best programs from the West Coast and across the country! Stanford’s Varsity and Novice, California’s 2nd Varsity, UC Davis Varsity, UC San Diego Varsity, and Orange Coast College Novice was a hefty race schedule for the Men’s Crew. But through it all the athletes handled the preparation, traveling, racing and shirt exchanges with honor and humility. For full results and some regatta pictures, visit: http://www.Row2K.com/.

But the somber experience of six losses is in grand contrast to the atmosphere on the team as we traveled back to Southern California. A new ownership was taken by the oarsmen. They received a shock. A redirection in trajectory, and a demand for improvement from each individual and the squad as a whole. This new urgency was immediately evident with the Varsity squad requesting practice Monday morning, to get back to work gaining speed.

The crew also received great votes of confidence and appreciate from regatta organizers, preeminent coaches, and supportive parents. The kind, supportive words of Craig Amerkhanian, Mike Teti, Dave O’Neil, Zach Johnson, Sam Sweitzer and many others expressed their appreciation for the work of the USC Men’s Crew, who was willing to take on the challenge of racing – willing to measure their efforts against the very best.

In addition to the weekend of racing, the Crew attended a wonderful dinner hosted by the Stanek Family. It was a great opportunity to slow down and relax, converse, and recharge for Sunday’s races. So a special thank you goes out to the Stanek Family for their gracious hospitality. Thank you.

Also, as mentioned in our Twitter posts from this weekend, we would like to thank the parents and friends who came to support the athletes, thank you to the Olivers, the Kents, Peter Hillen, Rosemary Evans, and the many kind supporters who came to say hello throughout the weekend.

Now on to the San Diego Crew Classic, April 4-5. Hope to see you there.


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